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About Us


Good Process Is King

WaveReform was built on the philosophy—good process is king. This is the lesson founder, Joe Mugavero, learned in his years running a construction business, as well as working in the field for over 10 years. The success and failure of many businesses hinge on process. In highly competitive trade industries, it is even more vital.

With Current, WaveReform has developed a software tool to solve major problems trade contractors face every day.

A paperwork-intensive estimating process out-of-pace with current technology
Redundant entry of the same job information by multiple employees (often 3 times)
Lack of centralized job information resulting in time-excessive travel and coordination
Inaccurate installs, due to poorly communicated job details
Client frustration with an inefficient process wasting their time
Current lets you estimate onsite, engage with customers, make the sale—all in one trip. Wow!
Current synchs with QuickBooks to minimize costly double entry so your accounting never skips a beat
Centralized projects: Current has everything you want to know about a job in one place
Add as many users as necessary to your Current account to get the job done, at no additional cost
With Current, you can print estimates and invoices to PDF or hard-copy on the spot for customers

Estimating a job is often the first-contact with a customer. The impression you make, how you handle yourself, how you handle that initial process will win or loss the job. That's why Current begins with estimating. WaveReform is devoted to make that process work for you to close sales quick.

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